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Propositions of competition

I. General

  1. The International manifestation for young musicians" Adriatic Accords 2018 is a competition for young solists in discipline of piano.
  2. The right to participate in the Competition have pupils of music schools students of the music academy and the youngest participants in the pre-category.
  3. The right to participate in the competition have only those candidates who are fulfilled all requirements stated in the application.
  4. The competition is completely open to public. It is permitted to photograph and record silently without disturbing the competitors.
  5. The participants are obliged to bring sheet music of their programs to the Competition, and to show it at the request of the Jury.
  6. The Competition will be held in the alphabetical order starting with the letter A.
  7. The order of the events of the Competition will be announced on the Internet pages of organizer a week before the start date of the Competition, and it will be sent to the competitors and their school via email addresses.
  8. The organizer of the Competition holds the right to change this rule book.

II. Application

  1. All competitors in the competition must have a obligatory written application.
  2. The applicationis submitted by filling in the application form on our web site or send requests to submit the application form to the mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    The deadline for applying for the Competition is 7st May 2018.
  3. For the participation in the competition registration fee is paid to the organizer (obligatory in the description of the payment to write the name and surname of competitor who pay the registration fee. Price of registration fee is established depending the category in which performance competitor. In all five categories the prices are listed in the invitations to the competition.
  4. If the registration fee is not paid by the date of the application, this will lead to disqualification of the participant.
  5. In case of with drawal the registration fee will not be refunded.
  6. Wrong data in the application will be a reason for disqualification of the competitor.
  7. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  8. Change of repertoire put in application shall not be permitted.
  9. The competitor can apply and perform in category higher than it is predicted for his age.
  10. By sending the application, the competitors confirm they agree with the rules of the Competition, and for minors guarantee their parents/guardians.


  1. All competitors will have at their disposal competition hall for a short rehelsale.
  2. All competitors perform their program without reading the score, repetition is not compulsory.
  3. The competitor can perform each composition only once, and cannot be stopped or disturbed while performing.
  4. In case of transgression of provided length for more than minute, the Jury can then disqualify the competitor.

IV Program competition

Pre-category  - 8 years and younger, free program up to 5 min. registration fee 35.eur.
I Category  - 10 years and younger, free program up to 7 min. registration fee 50 eur.
II Category - 12 years and younger, free program up to 9 min. registration fee 50 eur
III Category - 15 years and younger, free program up to 12 min. registration fee 55 eur
IV Category  - 18 years and younger free program up to 15 min. with obligatory performance one sonata of D.Scarlatti, registration fee 60 eur.
V Category - 24 years and younger , free program up to 20 min. with obligatory performance one virtuoso concerto ethide (Chopin, Liszt, Rachmanjinov, Skrjab, Debussy, etc ...) registration fee 60 eur.

V. The Jury

  1. The three-member of jury consists of eminent pianists and pedagogues from Croatia and abroad.
  2. The Jury evaluates the quality of performance of each competitor according to the rules of evaluation provided in this Proposition.
  3. A member of the Jury will not evaluate his own student and the competitors with whom is a relatives.
  4. The decision of the Jury is final and irrevocable, except in case of violation of rules of this Proposition.
  5. The Jury will decide upon everything that is not set with this Proposition.
  6. In case of violation of the Proposition for appeals, which have to be submitted in written within 48 hours from results announcement, the Jury will decide within 8 days from receiving the appeal, in which case the decision is final.
  7. In the case of justified giving up a jury member, the organizer has the right to replace it with the new member, this rating is considered to be valid.

VI. Assessment

  1. Candidates are evaluated with points from 1 to 100.
  2. Competitors who win the first three places each category receives a cash prize which is listed for each category in the invitations to contest while the top five contestants also receive a diploma.
    All participants in the pre-category are awarded the diplomas for the competition while the jury will choose one for the final concert
  3. Upon completion of the Competition for each category is the publication of results, order the competitor and the number of points. The ratings of each member of the Jury are public.
  4. If more competitors wins the same number of points, the list will be set in alphabetical order.
  5. The members of the Jury evaluate the competitors by the following items:
    5a) Evaluation of the instrumental discipline piano.
    Each member of the Jury evaluates competitors by these components:
    I accuracy of performance of musical text
    II. weight of performance of composition
    III. playing techniques
    IV. phrasing, musicality
    V. artistic impression.
    For each component a competitor can achieve from one to hundred points(1-100).
    Overall evaluation of each Jury member is the sum of all points divided with the
    number of components.
    The success of each competitor comes from the sum of evaluation points of all
    Jury members divided with the number of members (see rules IV.3. and IV.7. of
    this Proposition).

Contestant after receiving the numerical rating can apply for a short interview with the president of the jury or jury members in order to clarifying of his numerical ratings

VII. Diclaimer

The organizer disclaims all responsibilities in case of injury or any accident of the participants of the Competition (active and passive participants, teachers/ mentors, organizers, as well as all other guests who will be at the premises of the Competition) and in case of damage or stealing of their property.